The Packaging Cluster brings together more than 130 professionals from the sector in the celebration of the Packaging Night December 14, 2023 During the event, awards were given to the companies Vallformosa, Juvé & Camps, Ais Vision, Innovi Cluster, Enplater, and TEB for their good initiatives related to the packaging and packaging industry.

The Packaging Cluster celebrated the Packaging Night this Wednesday, the iconic event that brought together more than 130 professionals from the packaging and packaging industry at the Alimara Hotel in Barcelona.

The event, which promotes connections between people in the packaging field, featured a welcome speech by the Cluster's president, Martina Font Olivé. She highlighted that currently, the packaging sector in Catalonia has more than 700 operational companies, representing a turnover associated with packaging of 12.908 billion euros, making it one of the country's most important industrial sectors. Regarding the Packaging Cluster, Font emphasized over 30 innovation projects in areas such as sustainability, internationalization, and digitization, with the direct and indirect participation of more than 50 companies and entities. She also valued the over 40 activities and training organized by the Cluster for its members and the sector throughout 2023. In conclusion, she highlighted the entity's participation in over thirty national and international activities, spreading the packaging sector worldwide and creating new opportunities among its members. She also emphasized the strong commitment to innovation and internationalization.

Subsequently, six associated companies were recognized and awarded for their good initiatives related to the packaging and packaging industry, aiming to inspire and serve as a reference for the industry's positive evolution.

This year, the flexible packaging company Enplater Alta Segarra received the award from Xavier Pascual Batalla, Business Unit Director of Fira de Barcelona, for being recognized as the company with the best strategic change project. This is due to the investment made in the construction of a new plant located in central Catalonia, with the goal of collecting customers' packaging waste and turning it back into raw materials. Additionally, they complement the flexible product they currently produce with the manufacture of rigid packaging to offer a more comprehensive solution to customers.

The president of the Packaging Cluster, Martina Font Olivé, presented the "Active Company" award to the cooperative group TEB, which provides employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. It was recognized for its ability to generate new projects that add value to the packaging industry and create a community within the sector.

Finally, the award for the best collaborative project in the field of digitization and Industry 4.0 was presented by José Manuel Aguiló, General Manager of Hinojosa Packaging (Pacs), to the VAVIT project. This project is coordinated by the companies Vallformosa, Juvé & Camps, Ais Vision, Innovi Cluster, and the Packaging Cluster, with the aim of increasing the productivity of the wine sector, improving quality, and enhancing product safety.

The event, which concluded with a networking dinner among attendees, was made possible thanks to the collaboration and sponsorship of the companies Hinojosa, Hispack, Rieusset-Gerosa Group, Saica Pack, and Pick&Pack.

The Packaging Cluster

The Packaging Cluster is a non-profit entity established in 2012 by various Catalan companies. It currently comprises more than 140 active members, including companies, knowledge centers, and entities representing the entire value chain of the packaging sector. The main objective of the entity is to contribute to the competitive improvement of its member companies, overcome the challenges of the current context, promote innovation, and generate new business opportunities.