Sonoco Fresh Summit | Food, Packaging & Sustainability


In order to guarantee the sustainability, safety, and quality of food and packaging along the whole value chain, FRESH is happy to provide a program that reflects its distinct approach.

The Summit offers the foundation for investigating alliances, solutions, and new thinking through presentations and events.

It is rich with information from recognized thought leaders in industry and academia.

SEPT 19 - 21, 2022

The following refers to the Campus Tours taking place on Monday 9/19 from 2:30pm - 4:3pm:

Clemson’s Recycling Facilities | Clemson’s Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences Department

The following refers to the Welcome Reception taking place on Monday 9/19 from 5 pm - 7 pm :

The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics. Labs will be open and hosted by students, and activities will be throughout the building, including:

  • Seaside Grown cooking demonstrations featuring locally sourced products that support sustainability 
  • CU Shop, Clemson’s Eye Tracking R&D lab demonstrations
  • Social Media Listening Center “pop-up” demonstrations
  • Rapid prototyping, Print and Esko Lab tours hosted by students

The 2022 FRESH Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit will focus on technology as an enabler of safe, secure and sustainable solutions across the food value chain.

Interesting AGENDA and TOPICS

  • Keynote Presentation: Does a Reimagined Food System Reimagine Your Growth?
  • Fireside Chat: Technology-Enabled Transformations
  • Sustainable Packaging: A Layer by Layer Look at Achieving Success
  • Summit Highlights: Zero Waste Event Strategies
  • Summit Highlights: Gift Box Reveal
  • The War on Food Waste
  • Creating Opportunities to Close the Loop on Circular Plastics
  • Breakout Sessions: Sustainability Explored by Sector
  • Life Cycle Assessment in Packaging: Un-Wrapping the Benefits and Challenges
  • The Impact of Sustainability KPIs in the Capital Markets
  • Industry 4.0: A Practical Guide to Understanding Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Compostable Packaging Technologies, Practices and Certification
  • Implementing pep +: Positive Change for People and the Planet
  • Packaging Has a Sustainability Story… What’s the Right Way to Tell It?
  • Navigating the Three Rs: Myth Busting Sustainability Lore
  • Conserving the Magic – Operationalizing Disney’s Environmental Goals