Different studies reaffirm Barcelona as one of the best cities to develop business and industrial activities such as packaging

Barcelona Packaging Hub has a very close connection with the city, one of the Hub's tasks being to translate the innovative values inherent in the Barcelona brand into a seal of quality in order to differentiate the companies that sustain the brand's good reputation in the sector.

According to the 2021 Global Power City Index report, which compares 48 major cities in the world, Barcelona is the 18th city in the world, and 7th in Europe, in the global competitiveness ranking. This ranking evaluates parameters such as the economy, research, cultural interaction, liveability and the environment, among others.

The ranking, which has been published since 2008, has become a compass for companies, large corporations and investment groups from all over the world who look at the analytical data extracted from this index to make decisions and carry out activities in different cities.


And it is not the only ranking that endorses the city as one of the best, The Telegraph travel desk ranking places Barcelona as "the best city on Earth in 2022". So, after deliberation, the Catalan capital is at number one in the top ten best cities to visit this year, followed by other cities such as Sydney and Cape Town.   

The truth is that Barcelona is among the best cities in the world to face the technological challenges of the future with guarantees. In addition, its economic and business positioning at a global level stands out, and its location is the best for developing the packaging sector.

Barcelona Packaging Hub is made up of leading companies in the packaging sector in the Barcelona area and the best technological partners. Each of the companies is a specialist in a process (e.g. packaging, packing, coding, palletising, wrapping) and develops innovative and high quality machinery. The different companies have come together with the same objective, which is to offer a global and integrated service of the different technologies in the sector at an international level.

Barcelona Packaging Hub's relationship with the city

More than 90% of the companies in the packaging sector in Spain, Portugal and France are concentrated in the province of Barcelona. In this sense, Barcelona becomes a strategic center because there are quality suppliers. The different companies in the Hub form an ecosystem in the Barcelona area that relates to each other and offers global and customized solutions for their packaging technology and machinery needs.

Barcelona Packaging Hub is the only Hub of its characteristics in Catalonia. The diversity of companies that currently form part of the Hub, and which have individual prestige in different specializations, favors the productive capacity while maintaining a transparent and trustworthy relationship with customers.

Nevertheless, with headquarters in Barcelona, the objective of the Hub's companies goes further, focusing the commercial strategy on different geographical areas of the five continents, including potential countries such as France, the United States, Germany, Canada, Poland, among others.

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