Welcome to the launch of our groundbreaking "Recycling Forum," stemming from the success of our Bioplastics and Sustainable Packaging event. This virtual hub is crafted to connect industry frontrunners, share innovative concepts, and drive positive transformation.

In addressing current industry hurdles, our primary objective is collective progress. By uniting as an industry, we strive to unearth effective solutions for a sustainable future.

More than just a forum, this is a dynamic arena where discussions translate into impactful initiatives. Our shared commitment to recycling, waste minimization, and sustainable practices has the potential to make a substantial imprint on our planet. Engage in this crucial conversation today and contribute to making a positive impact , one recyclable at a time.

Your involvement is not just appreciated; it's pivotal. Together, let's shape a future where responsible industry practices lead to a more robust and sustainable global ecosystem. Immerse yourself in the discourse now and be part of the transformative journey towards a greener and more eco-conscious world.


Abi Mountain

Head of Product & Partnerships

Itero Tech
Antro Saila

Board Member WPO

Worldw Packaging Organization

Markets & Clients Director Solid Waste, Recycling & Recovery Business

Carolina Gregorio

Sustainability Policy and Advocacy Strategy Director

Dorothee Arns

General Director

European Association of Chemical Distributors FECC
Fabrizio Di Gregorio

PRE Technical Director

Plastics Recyclers Europe
Hans Van Bochove

Managing Partner

EU Corporate Advocacy Group
Kiyan Vadoudi

Plastic Cirtuclar Economy and Environmental assessment

Lauriane Veillard

Policy Officer on Chemicals Recycling and Plastic-to-Fuels

Zero Waste Europe
Marianne Lyngsaae

Quality System Manager , REACH & Biocide Advisor

Brenntag Nordic
Mattia Pellegrini

Head of Unit b03, From Waste to Resources DG EN

European Commission
Dr.Matthias Wilhelm

VP Plastics Recycling and R & D

Lober Gmbh & Co. KG
Mirela Tury Pastorini

Advance Polymer Recycling Platform Leader

Patrick Neumann

Product Manager Circular Plastics

Shai Mangel

Head of Chemical Recycling

Vincent Mooij

Director of CIRCPACK