"The place "TO BE", today, for a sustainable future of our business"

16-18 October 2023, Barcelona, Spain

This year's event features over 45 packaging industry experts, and promises to once again provide you with a full 360 degree perspective on how companies have achieved circularity.

Unlocking the potential of sustainable packaging is poised to become one of the most vital functions in the industry. As the demand for environmentally friendly solutions continues to soar, businesses are recognizing the imperative to embrace sustainable practices and establish a circular economy within the packaging supply chain.

Introducing Sustainability in Packaging Europe by Smithers—a groundbreaking European packaging event dedicated exclusively to sustainability. This highly anticipated gathering offers a 360-degree perspective on the challenges and solutions shaping the future of packaging. Building upon its resounding success in 2022, with an impressive turnout of over 570 attendees, this event presents an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face networking, discovering cutting-edge solutions, and forging enduring partnerships with industry peers—all under one roof.

By participating in this acclaimed global community of packaging professionals, you'll gain exclusive access to the latest advancements and best practices driving the circular economy forward. Join us in revolutionizing the packaging landscape and securing a sustainable future for your business within the supply chain. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the industry.