Packaging Cluster celebrates 10 years of growth and support for its shareholders.

The Cluster of Packaging, a non-profit organization that represents businesses of all sizes in the packaging industry, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary since its creation.

The cluster began its journey in October 2012 and, a decade later, has 130 members of a sector that is growing and gaining weight in the country's economy (in Catalonia, it accounts for 4% of the PIB).

In this time, the Cluster has nearly doubled its number of shareholders, rising from 27 to 130 in a sector with 723 verified businesses in Catalonia.

A growth that can be seen in the group, which has grown from one member to eight people managing more than 46 collaborative innovation projects at the national and international levels, in addition to proposals that have already been presented.

Annually, the Packaging Cluster organizes 40 activities just for its members and the dissemination of knowledge about the industry and the trends that shape its pace, in addition to participating in prestigious trade shows and conferences such as Empack and Hispack.

Packaging Cluster will celebrate its twentieth anniversary on December 1st, with an event that will serve as a meeting point for the packaging industry, with around 200 guests, a gala dinner, and several surprises.

The event will take place at the Hotel Gallery in Barcelona and will begin at 18.30 p.m. with a welcome drink. The institutional opening will be led by Sr. Albert Castellanos, the Generalitat of Catalonia's Secretary of Enterprise and the current delegate of ACCIO.

Among the planned events will be a look back at the organization's history, as well as awards for companies that have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sector transformation.

After the formal half, the invited/as will have a gala dinner and celebrate all of the work done in the last several years to make the packaging industry a symbol of progress and skill.

The event will be hosted by Xantal Llavina, a journalist. She is currently a radio, television, and newspaper journalist, a TIC broadcaster, a radio and television program director, and a speaker.

She is currently a radio, television, and newspaper journalist, a TIC broadcaster, a radio and television program director, and a speaker. As the director and presenter of "Revolución 4.0" on Catalonia As the director and presenter of "Revolución 4.0" on Catalunya Ràdio"

The Packaging Cluster, 10 years of history



18.30h Arrival of all guests with a welcome drink.
19.30h Institutional opening accompanied by Mr. Albert Castellanos, Secretary for Enterprise and Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya and current Chief Executive Officer of ACCIÓ.
19.45h Assessment of the past, present and future of the entity, with the three presidents of the Packaging Cluster: Núria Font, Artur Costa and Martina Font.
20.10h Recognition of the most outstanding companies in the following categories: strategic change and growth; shared value and sustainability; and Industry 4.0 & Innovation. In addition to an honorary award
20.40h Closing of the more formal part, by Àlex Brossa, Cluster Manager of Packaging Cluster
20.45h Entertainment show for all the attendees
21.15h We move on to the gala dinner, the perfect occasion to chat with the diners.
22.00h Final toast
22.30h Cocktail hour

23.30h Official closing (or until the body can take it...)