Disruptive innovation for the Regenerative Economy

The most recent data on the impact of the design of our world on ecosystems, the consequences of the design of the entire chain of FMCG in the destruction of biodiversity, the little global vision and power of action of change on problems that affect us all as a species sometimes make us lose faith in humanity, except … when you read examples of humans who want to lead a systemic change, agents of change that in many cases are invisible but in others, like Yvon Chouinard, owner of the PATAGONIA company, give 100x100 of their value to the fight against climate change or when we discover projects like what is shown at the Summit of Food Design, Food Tech and Sustainability FOODTURE Barcelona.

From FOODTURE we intend to show and give voice to the most disruptive "economy" initiatives (economy that protects ecology) of the different organizations related to food, scientific startups, design schools, studios, chefs, pastry chefs and creators of the areas of advanced creativity in food.

The key is to connect these projects with the industry, inspiring, connecting and developing activities that allow brands to be able to intertwine projects of great magnitude and connect the most powerful creatives with their teams, to develop projects that will define the new world in which we will all live

This approach is based on the question of, how can we generate a creative economy of added value where each initiative has to be linked to the protection of biodiversity and how can we connect these challenges to the talent that we produce annually as a society? And having an apocalyptic collective imaginary generated by the world of dystopian cinema and literature, how can we inspire the inventors of the future by generating a suitable imaginary?

This year 2022 we have very good news given that the new edition will be joint to the Barcelona Gastronomic Forum on November 7, 8 and 9 and where we will be able to count on some of the brightest minds who will expose their visions and most advanced projects in areas of opportunity in gastronomic innovation and regenerative creativity

Entrepreneurs and agents of change such as the fantastic Carissa Campeoto from TRENDI or Antonis Mavropoulus from DWASTE and former president of ISWA on the management of surpluses in the industry and circular design or we will talk about the work of SOLAR FOODS on the generation of new proteins such as of solar fermentation or fog water collection systems as an analysis of new or old and forgotten ways of intelligently managing the planet's resources, such as the wonderful work of Warka Water or Watergen on the creation of water generation systems from air source condensation.

We will also talk about projects where the value of Food Design and its contribution to the sector can be understood with Luki Huber, Ferran Adriá's right-hand man at the Bulli Lab, together with the curator of Food Art, Elsa Yranzo ro we will talk about the future packaging, this talk with S BIOTICA will explain their work on Smart materials and Circular thinking, Jessica Dias and Lara Campos are incredible!!!

We will also talk about the intersection of projects and territories where the digital and analog worlds are mixed, such as in the "Visualizer of flavors" that is developed in conjunction with several institutions of design, architecture and gastronomic sciences and PARADISO Barcelona, the most relevant cocktail bar in the world. Spanish territory for being able to be currently number 3 on the 50BEST Bars list.

From FOODTURE we want to inspire, connect and actively participate in co-designing this regenerative future together.