Welcome to International Food and Technology Expo

10, August 2023 – 13, August 2023

Jordan International Exhibition Center

The World's Most Inspiring Exhibition

The International Food and Technology Expo 2023 will be hosted in Amman, Jordan, where the food industry is prepared to learn about the latest and greatest in the food and beverage business, as well as technological approaches.

The expo, the first of its type in the country, will be hosted at Jordan International Exhibition Center and organized by Pulse International for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences.

There will be 100 major firms in the sectors displaying locally and abroad, thanks to the participation of Jordan's Syndicate of Food Traders.


The concept of International Food and Technology Expo is based on providing exhibitors and consumers needs all under one roof and to participate efficiently in the exhibition, as it gives the chance to International exhibitors to display their products in the local and regional market, meet businessmen to bound their relations, get new customers and to explore new techniques.

Targeted participating companies in the exhibition:

The Food, Supplies, Agricultural and Livestock industry sector is one of the most important Jordanian industrial sectors which has a multiplicity and diversity of products offered in local markets.

Such products are permanently linked with the consumer’s health and safety as food items constitute a major source for the energy, as well as the building up of the human body since they contain proteins, fats, sugars, starches in addition to vitamins and minerals. This sector has many advantages that are intertwined and interconnected with several other industrial sectors and that serve to form an associative kind of integration with other sectors.

This sector is one of the most significant pillars of food security, as it works to increase the added value of the agricultural sector.

The Food, Supplies, Agricultural and Livestock industry sector includes the following sub-sectors:

  • Packaging, paper and cardboard

  • Live animals and animal products and meat.

  • Fruits, vegetables and processed products.

  • Cocoa and chocolate, sugar, candy, desserts and Eastern sweet products.

  • Dairy products.

  • Cereals, flour, starch, pastry and bakery products, potato chips and corn.

  • Beverages, soft drinks, juices, vinegar and mineral water.

  • Spices, salt and flavorings.

  • Franchise.

  • Machinery.