EWWP - Report Packaging ecodesign trends in 2022 

The European Week for Waste Prevention (EWWP) has been held between November 19 and 27, 2022. It is an initiative of the European Commission to develop and promote awareness activities on waste generation and management, as well as consumption resource sustainable. When it comes to household packaging, it is essential to avoid the use of those that are not really necessary and to investigate reuse options to reduce their environmental effect. Ecodesign plays a fundamental role in these necessary containers.

Reduce your environmental effect throughout your life cycle

Ecodesign is a product design model that tries to minimise the environmental effect of a product throughout its life cycle, from conception through waste. In this approach, businesses may include innovations into the packaging itself, making environmental considerations as important as other criteria like as safety or cost in order to advance towards the circular economy and zero waste.

How is packaging changing?

The key responsibility of a cover is to appropriately protect the product within, survive shipping conditions, and ensure that it may be consumed with confidence. However, the growth of new technology and the changing of consumer behaviors have driven the incorporation of packaging innovations.

TheCircularLab is an open innovation centre specialised in the circular economy, whose activity is focused on the study, trial and development of best practices in the packaging sector and subsequent recycling

  • Appealing aesthetics encourage purchase.
  • Comfortable, adapting to consumer life habits and promoting accessibility.
  • Smart, including interactive features like QR codes and NFC.
  • Designed for online sales, with more durable packaging that maximizes space. sustainable. Environmental protection is a growing concern for all segments of society.
  • Citizens, increasingly aware, are demanding actions aimed at reducing waste from corporations and institutions, while legislation is being drafted to promote the circular economy. At this point, ecodesign has become a fundamental tool to achieve increasingly sustainable results.







ECOEMBES reason for being and purpose

In order to encourage businesses to include ecodesign into the production of their packaging and to promote the reduction of waste generation, ECOEMBES IS the non-profit organisation that arranges the recycling of light household packaging in Spain.

By bringing together citizens, governments, and businesses, Ecoembes enables this chain, empowering all the parties to make packaging recycling practical and so develop the circular economy.

Ecoembes use a management approach based on public-private partnership, efficiency, openness, and technological innovation to carry out our job and meet the most challenging recycling goals.