2º European Sustainable Beauty Forum:

The sustainable beauty industry is growing rapidly, and there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in this area. The 2º Sustainable Beauty Forum is the perfect event for anyone who wants to learn more about the latest trends and developments in sustainable beauty, network with other professionals in the industry, and gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

12-13/09/2023 | Prague

Key topics to be explored include:


Latest updates on regulatory policies and their effect on the beauty industry:

Regulatory landscape: The ever-changing regulatory landscape for the beauty industry.

Compliance: How businesses can stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Impact: The impact of regulations on the beauty industry.

New innovations and technologies: the driving forces behind the beauty sector's growth and transformation:

Innovation: The latest innovations in the beauty industry.

Technology: The role of technology in the beauty industry.

Transformation: How the beauty industry is being transformed by innovation and technology.

Lowering the carbon footprint through innovative packaging solutions:

Packaging: The role of packaging in the beauty industry.

Sustainability: How businesses can make their packaging more sustainable.

Innovation: The latest innovations in sustainable packaging.

The big picture on certification and eco-labels: Navigating the landscape of sustainability claims and consumer trust:

Certification: The different types of certification and eco-labels available for beauty products.

Eco-labels: The role of eco-labels in the beauty industry.

Consumer trust: How businesses can build consumer trust through certification and eco-labels.

Customer trends and behavior: Understanding their role as influential actors in the industry:

Trends: The latest trends in the beauty industry.

Behavior: How consumers are behaving in the beauty industry.

Influential actors: The role of consumers as influential actors in the beauty industry.

Stopping deforestation with the production of sustainable cosmetics:

Deforestation: The impact of the beauty industry on deforestation.

Sustainable cosmetics: How businesses can produce sustainable cosmetics.

Solutions: The solutions to deforestation in the beauty industry.

Handling the animal testing and what can we do about it?

Animal testing: The ethical and environmental concerns of animal testing.

Alternatives: The alternatives to animal testing.

What can we do?: What can be done to reduce or eliminate animal testing in the beauty industry?

Scope 3 Emissions and FLAG Guideline:

Scope 3 emissions: The emissions that are generated by a company's activities but occur outside of its direct control

FLAG Guideline: The framework for calculating and reporting Scope 3 emissions.

Sustainability: How businesses can reduce their Scope 3 emissions.

CO2 use as a raw material in the beauty industry:

CO2: The use of CO2 as a raw material in the beauty industry.

Sustainability: How CO2 can be used to make the beauty industry more sustainable.

Innovation: The latest innovations in the use of CO2 in the beauty industry.



Anke Pilzner - Beiersdorf

Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn - Forestwise EARTH

Emily Tellers - DSM-FIRMENICH

Dr.Julia Kerschbaumer - LCA Practitioner P&G

Dr. Laurent Gilbert - L'Oréal

Marcel Locher - Weleda

Marie Ollagnier - SEPPIC

Dr. Mark Smith - NATRUE

Rebecca Stiles - BASF

Stuart Chidley - Beauty Kitchen

Trevor Davis - Amcor

Vaiva Zvirblyte - SOLIDU Cosmetics