Packaging Innovations & Empack

Discover the future of your brand’s packaging and production journey

Unveiling the Future of Packaging: A Spotlight on Packaging Innovations & Empack

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the importance of packaging cannot be overstated. As brands continually seek to differentiate themselves, Packaging Innovations & Empack stand out as the UK's essential annual event driving innovation and business growth throughout the entire packaging journey. From primary packaging to secondary packaging, contract packing and fulfillment, labelling and printing, to packing and processing technology, these events offer a comprehensive exploration of the ever-evolving world of packaging.

Packaging Innovations: Where Innovation Takes Center Stage

Packaging Innovations, the largest annual event of its kind, serves as a vital nexus connecting packaging specifiers and buyers with the latest suppliers, materials, and formats. This event provides a unique opportunity for industry professionals to delve into the expert knowledge needed to shape the future of their brand's packaging. It goes beyond the conventional boundaries of packaging, offering a glimpse into the future by showcasing cutting-edge technologies, sustainable materials, and innovative design concepts.

Empack: Addressing Manufacturing Challenges and Defining Future Investments

Empack, on the other hand, carves its niche as a specialized platform tailored for directors of packing and filling operations. This segment of the event is dedicated to solving manufacturing challenges and gaining insights into key trends and technologies that will shape future investments. Directors attending Empack gain a strategic advantage by understanding the nuances of their industry, thus enabling them to make informed decisions that propel their operations forward. The event serves as a knowledge hub, fostering a collaborative environment where industry leaders can share experiences and learn from one another.

The Synergy of Packaging Innovations & Empack:

Together, Packaging Innovations & Empack present a holistic view of the entire packaging journey – from conceptualization to production. This synergy ensures that attendees can explore the complete spectrum of packaging solutions, technologies, and trends. The events provide a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and business development, creating an ecosystem where innovation thrives.

Embark on a journey of inspiration and excellence with your upcoming packaging endeavor at Packaging Innovations & Empack, featuring Contract Pack & Fulfilment. This indispensable annual event in the UK is a catalyst for business growth and innovation across the entire packaging spectrum.

Position yourself at the forefront of the industry by staying informed about the latest trends and critical issues.

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Packaging Materials

See, feel, and experience the vast range of materials to take your packaging to the next level. Discover everything from ribbons and foiling to plastic and cartons. There is no doubt you'll find everything you need to innovate your packaging.


Contract Manufacturing and Fulfilment Service

Contract Pack & Fulfilment is dedicated to helping you find outsourcing partners for packing, filling, manufacturing and fulfilment. Hosted by the BCMPA, the event showcases the advantages of outsourcing across markets from e-commerce and white label to food, drink, personal care and more.


Packaging and Processing Technology

Packaging Innovations showcases an array of primary & secundary packaging solutions, from sustainable alternatives to extending the shelf life in the FMCG, beauty & personal care, household items, chemicals markets and beyond.

All your packaging machinery and technology wants will be at your fingertips within the Empack section. From warehousing solutions, advanced packaging and sealing technology and more, explore how to make your packaging manufacturing more efficient.

Delve into two days of hot topics across three stages.


Targeting the three core elements of packaging; Design & Innovation, Sustainability, and Supply chain processes. All talks and topics combine to provide a 360 overview of everything you need to know that is happening right now in the packaging world, and what is to come in the future. Each stage, and each talk, will address key questions and challenges you may be facing as packaging professionals and brands – join our speakers as they tackle these issues head-on for you!